About Us & Mission Statement

Triple Moon Sanctuary Inc. & Coven - Proudly serving the greater St. Louis, Mo. areas Pagan community and beyond.

Times have gotten rough all over and the community's needs are ever growing. People all over are struggling with employment, bad health, disabilities, etc., and every walk of life is feeling the bind. Some more than ever, are in need of help.

As a Multi-Path Pagan church / charitable organization and Coven, we strive to help our community regardless of who they are, where they come from or what they might believe. As Pagans, we should all embrace diversity...No Matter What!

Our Mission:

Triple Moon Sanctuary Inc. & Coven was established in 2014 as a nature-based Pagan church and charitable organization so that our Coven could assist our community with basic human needs while preserving their dignity and connecting them with faith-based services that are appropriate for their belief system. Sadly, all to often anymore people are subjected to high-pressure tactics to convert in order to receive the assistance, guidance, or help they seek. We do not conduct ourselves in such a manner.

Here at Triple Moon Sanctuary Inc., our Coven proudly stands united in our commitment to embrace all nationalities, ethnicities, beliefs and/or religions and LGTBQ+ community all the while diligently working to promote ways in which we can improve the lives of others who truly need a guiding hand and a loving heart. Always. 

We encourage anyone who wants to support an organization that is built on true understanding and a strong desire to give back to and help their community to join with us in building lasting relationships with those in need of help and or guidance. Through such events as open-public rituals on the Sabbats and full moons, workshops, festivals, networking events, public awareness campaigns, social activities held at our Sanctuary and other sites, media relations, food drives and many other events, we believe in our hearts that we can make a significant and lasting positive impact on the lives of our Pagan community members and beyond!

***Please be sure to visit our website often or follow us On Facebook or Instagram for updates on what TMS is up to. We are super excited for our 2019 season...A newly revamped website, lots of magickal events taking place here at our Sanctuary and within the STL community and MANY volunteers just like you stepping up to help us in our charitable and spiritual workings. Here's to a successful 2019 for all!!!***

So...you can't donate a million dollars!

Well, to be honest, neither can we. Triple Moon Sanctuary Inc. is made up of grassroots individuals that want to make a difference in our Pagan community and beyond.

Please, let us know if you are able to and willing to donate any of the following:

Time / Energy

Services / Skills

Goods / Items

Funding / Sponsorship 

We are always seeking helping hands at our events as well as those we help with and attend and those wonderful people who are willing to give just a little bit of their personal time and energy to help with assorted tasks around the Sanctuary or events.

Please do not hesitate, volunteer today

And be the helping hand and change you wish to see in the community. Join us in planting the seeds of love and together we shall watch as they grow.

If you would like to help out with the ongoing monetary needs or items/goods sought, please... Please do not hesitate to contacts us for more information or hit the donate now button at any time. Those in need that seek our help throughout the year truly do appreciate your generosity and help. TMS will never turn any soul away that is in need. Triple Moon Sanctuary Inc. and our Coven members Would not be able to do all we do without the love, support, and generous contributions from people just like you. We Thank You. Blessings)0(/l\